GOT7 Member Junior to be Referred to as Jinyoung From Now On

It’s always difficult to have the same name as your boss, and for GOT7 member Junior, whose birth name is Park Jinyoung (AKA, JYP), the struggle is real.

With the same name as JYP himself, Junior has gone through two iterations now, starting as Jr., and moving to Junior.

Now, the GOT7 member has decided that his birth name, “Jinyoung” is the best way to go.

Just minutes ago, he uploaded a post on Twitter with the following message:

From now on, I will be active as “Jinyoung” rather than “Junior.” I will become a Jinyoung that tries even harder. I hope that you’ll give me a lot of support! Thank you!!!

The GOT7 member uploaded the post with the accompanying selfie pictured below, and from now on we’ll be referring to Junior as Jinyoung, so stick around moonROK for more updates on Jinyoung, GOT7, and all of your other favorite Kpop artists and idols.


Source: Junior’s Official Twitter

Images courtesy of Jinyoung
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