GOT7 Member Jackson Injured in Car Accident Caused by Fans Following Him

Just now, JYP Entertainment made a statement confirming that GOT7 member Jackson was involved in a car accident.

It seems that the accident occurred in China due to dangerous driving by fans following his car.

Below is the official statement from JYP on the situation:


Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

This morning on the way to the airport, GOT7 member Jackson was injured in a car accident caused by a fan following his car.

As soon as he arrived at the destination, Jackson was immediately taken to the hospital so that he could receive an examination.

Trailing an artist’s car is a dangerous action that can cause serious accidents not just for the artist themselves, but for you and everyone around.

As it is dangerous not just to your own safety, but to everybody’s, we respectfully ask the fans not to act this way, so that a situation does not arise in which the public’s safety is at risk.

Thank you.


We will continue to update you on Jackson’s condition as details are made available. Here’s to hoping that the GOT7 member did not sustain any serious injuries.


[UPDATE] JYP has just made a statement giving slightly more detail on Jackson’s condition. A representative for JYP said, “It seems like Jackson’s injuries are not too severe. It looks like the accident was a minor one.” The representative continued, “Even though the accident was a minor one, because it could have been dangerous we took action to take him to the hospital.” As to the question of whether or not Jackson will perform at the JYP Nation concert in Japan, JYP has stated that his performance is pending his examination results, saying that the health of the artist comes first.


Source: JYP Entertainment


Image courtesy of JYP Entertainment
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