Goo Hara to Feature on Thunder’s Solo Album

Goo Hara | moonROK

Visual media courtesy of XSports News

It has been confirmed that Goo Hara, formerly of KARA, will be featuring on former MBLAQ member Thunder’s upcoming solo track.

Following his departure from MBLAQ, Thunder will be releasing his first solo album on the 7th. Goo Hara has been confirmed to have already recording her featuring parts for one of the songs on his album. Both Thunder and Goo Hara are quite popular overseas, so the chemistry between the two on this track is highly anticipated.

This is Thunder’s first release since leaving MBLAQ more than two years ago, and Goo Hara signed a contract with Key East as an actress after KARA’s disbandment.

Stay tuned to moonROK for more new on Thunder’s solo album and all the latest Kpop news!


Source: XSports News

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