Girls’ Generation to Release Special Debut Anniversary Song

Get ready for all of the feels, because Girls’ Generation is celebrating their ninth anniversary together as a group.

Girls’ Generation made their debut on August 5, 2007, and will be releasing a special anniversary song this coming August 5 to celebrate nine years together with each other and with their fans.

Entitled “That Summer (0805),” the track will be released via SM’s weekly “SM Station” digital release series.

Reportedly, the song is being released as a way for the group to repay the love and support that the fans have given them over the past nine years.

The lyrics were written by Sooyoung, and relay the message that the group wants to continue with the fans without change for years to come.

“That Summer (0805)” is set to drop on Girls’ Generation’s anniversary (August 5) next week, so be sure to stick around MoonROK for more details on the release.


Source: Xports News, Sports Dongah

Image courtesy of SM Entertainment
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