Girls’ Generation Proves Strength in Numbers, Has Highest Fanclub Membership Out of All Girl Groups

Girls’ Generation has once again proven to be top dog when it comes to girl groups in Korea.

Today, the Korean media ran the membership numbers for all of Korea’s biggest girl groups, and SNSD proved to have the most amount of registered fans, with a whopping 252,185 registered site members on their fan cafe. Apink came in second with 131,365 members, while Wonder Girls came in third with 73,605 fanclub members, despite their lengthy hiatus from the industry.

Following the top three come Girl’s Day in fourth, 2NE1 in fifth, and f(x) in sixth place. The full list can be seen below, showing the top 20 girl groups in order of fan cafe membership ranking.

Congratulations to all of the groups listed for having such impressive membership, be sure to stick around moonROK for more updates on your favorite artists and idols.


Source: Korean Herald


All images courtesy of their respective owners
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