Girls’ Generation Member Yuri to Appear on ‘Alone in Love’

It was reported last week that Apink member Eunji was the first guest to film JTBC’s new virtual dating program “Alone in Love.”

It has just been announced that the next guest to participate on the show will be Girls’ Generation member Yuri.

On January 19, one of the station’s representatives stated, “Yuri has completed the filming for ‘Alone in Love.’ After Apink’s Jung Eunji, Yuri will be the second ‘virtual lover’ to appear on the program.”

“Alone in Love” is a virtual dating program in which the female guests attempt to convince the male MCs and the studio audience that they would be a good girlfriend.

The first broadcast of the new JTBC show will be on January 31, so be sure to tune in to see Eunji and Yuri as guests.


Source: TV Report

Image courtesy of SM Entertainment
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