Girls’ Generation Lead Singer Taeyeon Takes Home Award for Best OST at 2015 ‘Seoul Drama Awards’

Last night, the 2015 “Seoul Drama Awards” took place at the Sangam Culture Plaza in Seoul.

The awards ceremony is the Korean equivalent to the American Golden Globes or Emmy Awards, in that most of the awards for the night go to actors and directors.

Part of the reason we all love K-Dramas though, is because of their excellent OSTs, or Original Soundtracks.

Thus one award for the night is given for “Best OST”, and the recipient of this year’s OST award was none other than lead singer of Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon.

Upon receiving the award at the ceremony, Taeyeon said, “There are so many others who are better than me, so I’m a bit embarrassed to receive this award. Because I received amazing pieces, my voice was able to stand out. Thank you to everyone who lets me sing, including SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man, and the fans.”

Congratulations to Taeyeon on her big win!


Source: Chosun Ilbo

Image courtesy of Chosun Ilbo
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