Girl’s Day Member Hyeri in Consideration to Star in ‘Reply 1988’

It has just been announced that Hyeri of Girl’s Day is in consideration for the lead role in the drama “Reply 1988.”

According to various reports that just surfaced, “Hyeri has decided to appear in the popular TvN series ‘Reply 1988.’ After meeting with the whole production crew she plans to take on the lead role.”

The “Reply” series became incredibly popular in its first season, “Reply 1997,” which starred Apink member Eunji along with Hoya of Infinite and Seo In Guk.

Since then, TvN has also broadcast “Reply 1994,” making the upcoming “Reply 1988” the third installment of the series.

However, Hyeri’s role has not yet been confirmed. After reports that she would be starring in the series, the show’s producer stated, “We have not yet decided on the female lead. We are still in the midst of casting. There are still 7-8 months left before the broadcast, so it cannot be said that we’ve cast the female lead.”

Nothing seems to be confirmed yet, but moonROK will keep you updated on whether or not Hyeri gets the part.


Source: Sports World, Sports Chosun

Image courtesy of DreamT Entertainment
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