GFriend Releases ‘Navillera’ Teaser

GFriend will join the line-up for summer comebacks with their first full album titled ‘LOL’, and the teaser for the title track “Navillera” has just been released.

In the trailer video, the girls of GFriend show their fresh and cheerful images but with a ‘retro’ feeling. With thick curly hairstyles, big hair pins, and long white stockings, the girl group is bringing back nostalgic feelings for viewers. The trailer is beautifully shot with retro items like the radio, trophies, and roller skates, which immediately catch the attention of viewers.

Fan can catch a short glimpse of the intro to ‘LOL’ album through this trailer which is making them even more curious about the new tracks. The trailer gives a quick glimpse into ‘LOL’ This will be GFriend’s first full album since their debut album a year and a half ago. As for the title of the album, ‘LOL’ is meant to stand for “laughing out loud” and also “Lots of Love.”

GFriend has received much attention and success from their previous songs ‘Glassbead’, ‘Me Gusta Tu,’ and ‘Rough,’ so they are hoping to show the fans and public an even more mature image through the new title track.

The full album will be released on the 11th, so don’t forget to stay tuned to MoonROK for more details!



Source: 1theK, XSports News

All visual and media content courtesy of Source Music
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