Gain’s ‘Apple’ and JYJ Junsu’s ‘Out of Control’ Both Deemed Unfit for Broadcast by KBS

Just now, KBS has announced that Gain‘s “Apple” and Junsu‘s “Out of Control” will not be broadcast on KBS channels.

According to KBS, the reason for Gain’s dismissal is that the lyrics of “Apple” express a love affair between a man and woman too explicitly. Other than “Apple,” all of the other songs on Gain’s new album “Hawwah” have passed KBS’s standards for broadcast.

Meanwhile, Junsu’s track “Out of Control” contains lyrics that are “abusive, profane, and vulgar” according to KBS, and thus the song will not be allowed to be broadcast. Like in Gain’s case, all of Junsu’s other tracks from his new album “Flower” passed KBS’s standards.


Source: Star News

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