Gain Talks About Her ‘Eve’ Concept and Snake-like Choreography

On March 9, Gain held a press conference for her upcoming mini album “Hawwah.”

For the non-Korean speakers who may not know, “Hawwah” is actually the Korean version of the name “Eve” from the famous story of Adam and Eve in the Bible.

At the press conference, Gain talked about the challenge of taking on the character of Eve, saying “I believe in Shamanism, so doing the concept of ‘Eve’ from the Bible was hard. While preparing the album I disregarded everything in order to study. It was a really hard concept.”

Gain continued, “I’m putting a lot of dramatic content into ‘Hawwah.’ After researching it, it seemed like the character of the snake would be the easiest to express in the choreography. I thought it was a character that seems super evil but is actually better than it appears. In order to express an animal like a snake, I dance a lot by slithering on the floor. I tried really hard to express that point well.”

Gain’s mini album “Hawwah” drops on March 12, so be sure to stick around moonROK for more information on her upcoming release.


Source: Xports News

Image courtesy of Nega Network
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