Gain Releases ‘Paradise Lost’ MV

Gain has just released her music video for “Paradise Lost.”

Darkly sensual, Gain is back the title track from her 4th solo mini album, “Hawwah.” With her snake-like choreography and song reminiscent of mid-90’s R&B pop, Gain demonstrates her own personal artistry and growth as an artist in this Adam and Eve themed concept. Despite not having made her first performance yet, this track has already been deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS.

Check out the video below (slightly NSFW) and keep supporting moonROK the lovely ladies of Brown Eyed Girls!

Source: 1theK

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  1. PeaceofMind05 7 years ago
    GaIn did an excellent job. I was worried how the dance was going to turn out but she killed it as usual. The song is so good and the outfits, hair and make up is on point!

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