Gaeko Releases ‘REDINGRAY’ Tracklist, Bumkey, Ailee, HA:TFELT, and More to Feature

Dynamic Duo member Gaeko has just released the tracklist for his first ever solo album, “REDINGRAY.”

The album will contain two CD’s with a total of 18 tracks, and the tracks themselves are stacked with a crew of impressive featuring artists. The album drops on October 16th, so check out the tracklist below and stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on Gaeko’s solo album.

CD 1
1. Rhythm is Life
2. Passout (feat. Bumkey)
3. Seoul Blues pt. 3 (feat. Choiza, DJ Soulscape, Lee Joohan of winterplay)
4. East
5. Chaser the Rapper
6. Oh my god (feat. DJ Friz)
7. No Make Up (feat. Zion.T and HA:TFELT)
8. Interlude by Simo
9. Silver Sonata (feat. Crush)

CD 2
1. Snapper Ending
2. Mr. Vengeance pt. 2 (feat. Choiza, Yankee, Geegooin, Hangzoo)
3. Chaser the Rapper pt. 2
4. Hueng Hai (feat. Ailee)
5. Festival Virgin
6. Interlude by Simo
7. Rose
8. Shame
9. Snapper Ending Remix (feat. Dok2)


Source: Amoeba Culture

Image courtesy of Amoeba Culture
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