F(x)’s Leader Victoria Admits ‘I Want to Expose More’

F(x) Victoria claims, “I honestly want to reveal a more sexy image.”

For the “Global Request Show: A Song For You Season 3” set to air on July 2nd, Victoria announced, “I want to expose more” and captured the audience’s attention.

During a recent recording, a foreign fan gave insight onto f(x)’s charm. “They’re different from other girl groups in that they don’t need to be sexy to be good.”

“We’ve never thought that just because we’re girls, we need to wear shrot skirts in order to be sexy.” The strength of Victoria’s leadership was apparent in her face as she spoke. MC Kangin agreed, saying, “f(x) differentiates themselves from other girl groups by not going for the sexy concept.”

Surprisingly, Victoria retorted Kangin’s words by responding, “To be honest, we would also like to try out a sexy concept.” Her honesty caused a stir among those watching.

“We’d like to try out a sexy concept, but we can’t because of Amber,” she revealed. Jokingly, Amber laughed and replied, “It would be too dangerous; everyone would fall in love with me.”

The show airs every Saturday night at 12:25am.


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of S.M. Entertainment
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