f(x) Releases Teaser Video of ‘Red Light’

SM girl group f(x) released a surprise teaser video for “Red Light,” the title song of their new album.

The video, released through their official website, the SM channel on YouTube, and the SMTOWN page on Facebook at 12 a.m. on July 2, offers a sneak peak at the members who will come back with novel music and performance and is already gathering heated attention from fans.

For the last 5 days, before they formally embark on their promotional activities, f(x) has released a series of teaser images of the members, who went through extreme makeovers in the spirit of the new album’s concept. The 65 images flaunted their diverse charms and attracted great curiosity and anticipation, which continues to heighten through the hot teaser video.

On the afternoon of July 2, f(x)’s official website, the SMTOWN YouTube Channel, and SMTOWN Facebook page will release highlights medley music files and videos of the versatile members’ images for the 11 songs in f(x)’s 3rd album, including the title song “Red Light.” 

f(x)’s third album “Red Light” will be also available for purchase on various online music websites and offline stores on July 7. f(x) will perform their new song for the first time in M.net’s “M Countdown” on July 3. 


Source: eDaily

All visual and audio media courtesy of SM Entertainment
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