f(x) to Release New Song, Amber as MV Director

f(x) have announced that they will be releasing a music video for their new SM Station track, “All Mine.”

On the 21st, SM Entertainment announced through their various social media channels that the 24th SM Station track would be an f(x) track, and it would be released on the 22nd across all major Korean music streaming sites.

The music video will also be uploaded to the official SM YouTube channel on the 22nd, and it has been reported that f(x) member Amber herself filmed and edited the video. By shooting herself and the other members in a documentary style music video while overseas, the fans will be able to get a behind the scenes glimpse of what it’s like to be a performing SMTOWN artist.

“All Mine” is a beat heavy EDM track about the feeling of falling completely in love and feeling like you own the world.

SM Entertainment releases one new song a week through their SM Station project, and it gives rise to collaborations, new styles, and the chance for artists to showcase their musical talents outside of their usual promotions.

The song and video will be released tomorrow, so stay tuned to MoonROK to be the first to hear it!



Source: StarNews, Vyrl

All visual media courtesy of SM Entertainment
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