FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki is a Triple Threat with Rock Festival, Musical, Drama

Band FT Island‘s Lee Hong Ki continues his entertainment takeover with the musical “Vampire.”


It has just been announced that Lee Hong Ki will play the role of Dracula in “Vampire” and will have his first show on August 10. The tickets sold out in lightning speed, as a result of his great popularity.

In addition to the “Vampire” shows through August 10 – 12, Lee Hong Ki will go on the stage of Japan’s rock festivals “A-Nation” and “Summer Sonic” as Korean representatives with his FT Island bandmates Choi Jonghoon, Lee Jaejin, Choi Minhwan, and Song Seunghyun through August 15 – 17.

Then, he will perform in the musical again August 19 – 20. He will continue his takeover of Asia on September 14 by appearing on the stage of “2014 Inazuma Rock Festival” as a member of FT Island. Furthermore, the drama “Bride of the Century,” in which Lee Hong Ki starred, was taken to air in Japan after it was chosen to air in Chinese-speaking nations, making the drama one of the most popular in Asia. 

Lee Hong Ki will make a comeback to TV drama with SBS’s “Modern Farmer,” which will air in October, and to film with movie “A Perfect Way to Steal a Dog.”


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of FNC Entertainment
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