FT ISLAND Releases Korean Version of ‘Puppy’ MV + Hongki Upset with Lack of Promotion?

Pop rockers FT ISLAND dropped a surprise release yesterday for fans.

Entitled “Puppy“, the new digital single was originally released by the group in Japanese.

Lead vocalist Lee Hongki seemed a bit upset at the fact that the single hasn’t received much promotion from the company, writing on his personal Instagram, “It’s a present, bbyong! This is for you, even though it’s a present our company hasn’t done any promotions for eyy they’re dirty and cheap kekeke”

Due to the jolly tone of the post it’s unclear if Hongki is actually angry or just joking around (though he has been known to openly criticize his agency), but either way fans have a colorful and fun new FT Island music video to watch, check it out below!


Source: FNC Entertainment, Lee Hongki Instagram

All visual and audio media courtesy of FNC Entertainment
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