FTISLAND Announces 10 Year Anniversary Album in the Works

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Five member rock band boy group FTISLAND has announced on a radio program that they are working on their 10th anniversary album.

“Lee Hongki’s Kiss the Radio,” a radio show hosted by FTISLAND member Hongki since October of last year, recently featured all five members of FTISLAND as special guests.

The members showed their good relationships and joked around during the broadcast. When radio host and lead vocalist Lee Hongki asked what the best part of the last ten years together have been, the members joked around saying things like, “It’s been so hard living with these fools,” and “I managed to withstand the other members keeping the lights on late at night because they were reading comics.”

On the program, Jonghoon announced that the band is currently in the process of making a tenth anniversary album. Jaejin said that compared to previous albums, the members were focusing two to three times harder on making sure this album is perfect to commemorate their long career together.

Although they did not give an estimated date for the album’s release, FTISLAND debuted in June of 2007, so the album may come later rather than sooner if the group plans to release the anniversary album exactly on time. Either way, when more info and teasers are released, you’ll be able to find them right here on moonROK with all your other favorite Kpop news!


Source: FTISLAND, HeraldPOP

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