Former SNSD Member Jessica’s Alleged Boyfriend Tyler Kwon Reportedly Acquires Clear Company

Fans and the Korean media alike are speculating that former Girls’ Generation member Jessica may be making a comeback in Korea due to a massive business transaction that just went down.

According to Ilgan Sports, Jessica’s alleged boyfriend Tyler Kwon has reportedly just acquired Clear Company, the entertainment company host to Jeff Bernat and rookie girl group Playback.

Kwon is the Chairman and CEO of the New York based investment company Coridel Group, which has reportedly just acquired Clear Company through a massive investment.

Coridel Group is no stranger to the entertainment industry, having previously independently produced and financed major movies.

Many are projecting that this new purchase could indicate a return to the Korean music industry for Jessica, who has mentioned in multiple interviews since her departure from Girls’ Generation that she has not given up on music.

We’ll certainly be keeping our eye on Clear Company following the news of this M&A, so be sure to stick around moonROK for more updates on what’s happening in the Korean music industry.


Source: Ilgan Sports, Coridel Group

Images courtesy of respective owners
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