Former Rainbow Member Seungah Signs on to Acting Agency

Seungah | moonROK
Seungah | moonROK

Image courtes of GnG Production

Following the official disbandment of Rainbow, it was just a matter of time until news of the individual members’ forward plans began rolling out.

Seungah seems to be the first member to announce her career plans moving forward, and it looks like she’ll be taking on acting as her next career move.

The former Rainbow member has just signed on with GnG Production, an actor management and drama production label, also home to famous actor Lee Jong Hyuk.

A representative from GnG told the media today, “As a part of Rainbow, Oh Seungah was able to showcase her versatile charms and make her name known through an array of promotions, from acting to variety. We will do our best to help Oh Seungah’s talents to radiate.”

Congratulations to Seungah on her new contract and her bravery in taking on a new arena of the entertainment industry. moonROK will continue to keep you updated on the former Rainbow members’ activities and career plans as they are made available, so be sure to stick around moonROK for more updates.


Source: Herald Pop

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