Former Rainbow Member Jaekyung Signs on with Namoo Actors

Jaekyung | moonROK

Image courtesy of Sports Chosun

It looks like Jaekyung will be taking on acting as her next career challenge.

The former Rainbow member has just signed an exclusive contract with Namoo Actors, home to celebrities like Han Hyejin, Lee Joongki, Shin Sekyung, and more.

A representative from Namoo Actors told the press today, “Recently we completed an exclusive contract with Kim Jaekyung. Moving forward we will not be stingy with her promotions.”

Jaekyung is the second of the Rainbow members to sign onto an acting contract, with Seungah having signed on with GnG Productions in early December.

moonROK will continue to keep you updated on the Rainbow members’ activities following their official disbandment, so be sure to stick around for updates.



Source: Sports Chosun

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