Former KARA Member Jiyoung Signs with Japanese Acting Agency

It has just been announced that former KARA member Kang Jiyoung will be pursuing a career as an actress in Japan.

According to Oricon News, “Kang Jiyoung has signed an exclusive contract with the Japanese acting agency Sweet Power, and plans to begin activities under the Hanja name 知英 (Jiyoung).”

Sweet Power is also home to many of Japan’s top actresses, including Horikita Maki and Kuroki Meisa.

Her new agency stated, “Kang Jiyoung will continue to showcase the mature charm that she has exhibited up until now. As someone who is fluent in Japanese and English we’re excited to see Jiyoung become a global actress.”

Jiyoung’s Japanese activities will kick off on September 6th with the Tokyo Girls Collection runway show at Saitama Arena, where she will be walking the runway as a model.


Source: Xsports News

Image courtesy of DSP Media
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