Former I.O.I Member Chungha Makes Solo Debut with “Week”

All visual and audio media courtesy of MNH Entertainment

Chungha, the former member of I.O.I, makes her solo debut with the release of “Week.”

“Week,” put together by musician Grizzly and producing team Cracker,  is a soft R&B ballad that showcases her impressive vocal range, while she shares her memories and struggles she endured as a trainee and member of I.O.I. She also expresses her yearning for fellow I.O.I  members.  Chungha first gained attention when she became one of the Top 11 on “Producer 101” to debut in the project group, I.O.I.

Check out the “Week” music video below and stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on Chungha’s solo debut as well as other news in Kpop.

Source: Chungha’s Official 

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  1. Profile photo of PeaceofMind05
    PeaceofMind05 1 year ago

    It’s decent. I feel like her voice would be suited for a different kind of song though.

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