Fly to the Sky and Gummy to Hold Joint Concerts in the US and Korea

Korea’s representative emotional vocalists Fly to the Sky and Gummy have just announced that they will collaborate together for a US concert at the end of the month. According to Fly to the Sky’s agency H2 Media, the artists will perform at the 4000-seat Pasadena Civic Auditorium on November 29th.

In Korea, Fly to the Sky and Gummy will also hold a joint 3-day concert titled “The Attraction” at the Kyunghee University Peace Hall from December 23-25. Tickets go on sale November 12th at 2PM on Interpark and Yes24. It is well known that Fly to the Sky and Gummy are close friends, so many are anticipating their joint concert.

From June to October, Fly to the Sky held a national tour, attracting 30,000 attendees. The duo made a successful comeback after 5 years with their 9th album. Considered the hottest collaboration of this year, Fly to the Sky and Gummy are attracting a lot of attention for their upcoming joint concerts.


Source: Donga

Courtesy of H2 Media
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  1. soluna 7 years ago
    Wow, first god, now Fly to the Sky too? What a blast from the past! I’m glad some of the older artists are finally giving their U.S. fans (who have been waiting a long time) some love! I hope this trend continues 😀

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