10 Feel-Good AOMG Tracks That Need to Be on Your Summer Playlist

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By: Hannah Waitt
moonROK Editor-in-Chief


Summer is officially here, which means it’s time to curate your poolside playlist.

While there are tons of Kpop bops out there that you could include, the real kings (and queen) of the summer jam are the AOMG crew.

Because Kpop is often so visually focused, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming to listen to without the music video to provide some visual aid to the sound’s intensity. The music coming out of AOMG on the other hand, feels natural, laid-back, and easy to listen to.

Here are ten feel-good summer jams from AOMG artists for you to vibe to this summer.


All I Wanna Do | Jay Park feat. Hoody & Loco

If you’re with your non-Kpop friends, throw on the English version if you please, but I’ll take the Hoody and Loco feature any day. The song is already great, but Hoody’s slick vocals turn the song into a conversation between two people, adding a little diversity to the duet.

Need U | Hoody feat. Dok2

Hoody may be known more for her laid-back material, but this track is a straight up jam. “Need U” fluctuates between half time and double time, and the beat drop at the chorus and Dok2’s bars will get you turnt every time.

Too Much | Loco feat. DEAN

I dare you not to bob your head along to this track. The slick guitar accents compliment the glossy track and a few sneaky saxophone stings bring a retro feel to the song, which is led by Loco’s unique vocal color and followed by DEAN’s silky voice.

Summer Night (Remix Ver.) | Gray feat. Hoody

I love a good clap along song, and this is one of those. Gray brings an upgraded funk sound to the production, while Hoody lends her clean vocal styling that culminates in an addictive chorus between the two AOMG artists.

Solo | Jay Park feat. Hoody

When you hear “I need a ChaCha beat boy,” you know the song is about to be lit. If there’s one thing that ChaCha Malone does incredibly well, it’s blending hip-hop, R&B, and pop together to create crazy addictive songs, and “Solo” is one of them.

Stay Cool | Simon D feat. Zion.T

An oldie but a goodie. For those who aren’t familiar with Simon D’s catalogue of hits, this is a good place to start. Props also need to be given to the rapper for scooping up Zion.T in 2012, long before his career blew up with “양화대교.”

Me Like Yuh | Jay Park

What would summer be without at least one dancehall track on the playlist? Again, Jay Park’s standalone English version is fantastic, but Hoody has a very particular ability to make everything she features on better, so I’m listing both versions below for your listening convenience. You’re welcome.


Rose | Elo

I had the pleasure of seeing Elo live earlier this year, and let me tell you, he’s even better live. Combining a retro, groovy production sound and Elo’s back-and-forth between full and falsetto vocals, “Rose” is an easygoing track that’s perfect for summertime chilling.


So Good | Jay Park

“So Good” is the very definition of a feel-good track. With heavy Michael Jackson influences, lots of brass, and a helping hand from ChaCha, this another in a long line of Jay Park’s happy hits.


My Last | Jay Park feat. Loco and Gray

Break out the bucket hats and flip flops because this is the perfect poolside jam to round out your summer playlist. With Jay, Loco, and Gray on the track, “My Last” is yet another example of AOMG’s exceptional synergy as a crew.



We’ve compiled all of these songs into one convenient YouTube playlist on the moonROK YouTube Channel for your listening pleasure, so grab your bluetooth speaker and sunblock, head to the pool, and get to jamming this summer.


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