Fantagio Announces Official Name of New Girl Group, WeKiMeKi

WeKiMeKi | moonROK

Image courtesy of Fantagio


The highly anticipated Fantagio girl group, formerly known as iTeen Girls, has finally announced their official group name.

Fantagio announced that the girls will now be known as WekiMeki, pronounced as “wee-kee-mee-kee”. WekiMeki will consist of eight members, most notably former I.O.I members Choi Yoojung and Kim Doyeon. The other six members that were previously announced are Sooyeon, Elly, Say, Lua, Lina, and Lucy.

The meaning of WekiMeki can be broken down into two parts. “Meki” refers to the eight unique members of the group, who each hold keys that identify one another, whereas “Weki” means that once the girls come together as a group, they can come to possess keys that open up another world. WekiMeki can also be shortened to form WEME and can signify the eight “me’s” have come together to form a “we.”

WekiMeki has also revealed a photo of the members’ legs, with each of the members wearing white sneakers and socks. Check out their first photo as WekiMeki above and stick around moonROK for further updates on WekiMeki’s upcoming debut and more on all your favorite Kpop idols.



Source: Herald Pop

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