EXID Sees Positive Revenue for the First Time Since Debut

It has just been announced that for the first time since their 2012 debut, the group EXID has earned revenue.

According to the group’s agency, thanks to their sudden rise in popularity, this is the most revenue EXID has ever seen.

On May 6, a Yedang Entertainment representative stated, “EXID has earned revenue for the first time since their debut. For the first time since their 2012 debut, they are in the ‘plus’.”

The representative further explained that before “UP&DOWN”, EXID had constantly been in the “minus” — in other words, the agency was spending more money on the group than the group was making.

EXID’s entertainment company went on to state, “It would be difficult to disclose exactly how much they made, but they made an amount suitable for the hard work they’ve put into promotions. They were all very glad.”

We’re glad too! Congratulations to EXID on finally stacking some cash!


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of Yedang Entertainment
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