EXID Continues to Dominate Korea’s Music Charts with ‘UP&DOWN’

EXID has had the surprise single of the season.

With an infectious sax hook and melody, the group’s most recent single, “UP&DOWN” has been occupying the top spot on all of Korea’s music charts for the past month.

The single was released in August, but didn’t receive much attention until someone took a video of the group performing at a private company event and uploaded it to their SNS accounts.

Since, the song has gone viral, becoming the most popular song of the season in Korea.

It was just announced that in addition to Korea’s many other digital music charts, as of December 24th at 8pm KST, the song is officially #1 on Melon, Korea’s most popular digital music site.

Congratulations to EXID on the success of their single! Check out the music video for “UP&DOWN” below, and stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on your favorite idols and artists.


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of OSEN
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