EXCLUSIVE: Teen Top Talks Turning 20, Touring the World, and More at EXITO Press Conference

On September 15th at Seoul’s Lotte Card Art Center, Teen Top held a press conference for their new album ÉXITO. 

“Éxito” is Spanish for “success,” and this new album illustrates Teen Top’s maturity as artists as their music developed and they gained stage experience in the last year through their world tour concerts. 

At the press conference, the Teen Top members stated, “Concerts, in contrast to broadcast shows, are where we can freely interact with fans. We learned how to enjoy the stage as we proceeded with the world tour. Before, it was evident that our members were rookies, but afterwards, our members had really matured.”

There is another meaning for their growth — this year all members aged into their 20’s, which may signal a transition in their music as well.

C.A.P. revealed, “As all members are in their 20’s, it seems like we have all matured on the outside and the inside. There is an easiness in the way we handle the stage.”

Niel added, “We have been doing cheery and lively music, but the new song ‘Missing’ has a medium tempo and is melancholy, which is fitting for fall.”

Later during the press conference, the group could not avoid being compared with senior groups Super Junior and 2PM, as both groups are also currently active promoting new albums.

Teen Top said, “When we debuted, we were nicknamed the ‘baby beast idols’ thanks to our seniors 2PM. If we are deemed to be in competition with 2PM, we are honored. We are simply honored to begin our activity at the same time as them.”

On September 11th, before all of the album’s songs were revealed, Teen Top held their comeback stage on Mnet’s M Countdown with the title song “Missing.” “Missing” is a sentimental dance song with an R&B rhythm. The song expresses the sadness of a man who cannot forget a past love and wishes for her to return. The song was produced by the team Black Eyed Pilseung (Choi Kyu-sung and Rado).

Teen Top asked for much attention and love, as they hope to “show how the members have grown, as all members are in their 20’s now.”


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