Exclusive: EXID on Making Their Comeback after 22 Months

“We didn’t think we’d be on break for this long. As we’ve gone through tough times together and discussed our worries, the five of us have gotten so much closer. This break has been really helpful for us.”

EXID has been on break for 22 months, but they have recently returned with their latest track “Up & Down.” Since they’ve been gone from the music scene for a while, it seems that the group is performing with more passion than ever to make up for lost time.

“Even when I learned of our comeback date, I didn’t believe it. I’m just so grateful to get the opportunity to be on stage again. It’s been a while, so I’m worried that I might not be able to look into the camera properly.”

EXID further expresses, “Other singers continued to do activities, while many rookie groups were debuting. It felt like we were the only ones on break and we grew anxious.”

“We prepared for our comeback without resting. LE wrote songs constantly. Since we weren’t doing any activities, there were rumors that we were going to break up and fans kept wondering why we weren’t active.”

Despite the difficulties, EXID worked hard to improve themselves. Starting from a year ago, they recorded “Up & Down” multiple times until they finally completed the song.

The EXID music video for “Up & Down” is attention grabbing with its bright, fluorescent colors and its magician-esque concept with the members singing while the upper halves of their bodies are disembodied from their lower half.

“We knew that [producer] Shinsadong Tiger wouldn’t give up on us until the end. He didn’t give ‘Up and Down’ to any other artist. We went through many difficult times but we silently endured because we believed in Shinsadong Tiger. Now that we have finally made our comeback, we plan to keep going strong.”


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Courtesy of Yedang Entertainment
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  1. bokbunja 8 years ago
    I honestly don’t know why they were away for so long.. They’re so talented, and their debut was really good in Kpop terms.. I hope they’re able to achieve just as much now as they would have if they hadn’t had a lengthy break ^^

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