Eli Uploads Handwritten Letter Addressing U-KISS Activities and New Son

In December 2014, U-KISS’s member Eli rocked the Kpop world when he revealed that he had been secretly married.

The idol once again made headlines when he welcomed his first baby boy on June 7.

The new idol-father recently wrote a heartfelt letter to his fans, and below is the full translation of Eli’s letter:


To all of KISS Me, who I love!

After a year and a half, we are back with our 11th album!

During all that time, a lot of things have happened, right?

A lot of good things happened, but it seems that there were even more surprising and shocking things.

I’ve always felt sorry towards the U-KISS members, and I feel even more sorry towards KISS Me. You all had a hard time because of me, right?  It seems it is still hard now.

Despite that, you guys continue to show your love and cheer on us U-KISS members, and I am truly thankful for that.

Thanks to all of you, I was able to participate in the making of this album. Even though I am not using SNS anymore, you guys still come to the recording of ‘Simply Kpop’, cheering and worrying about me; I was really touched and felt thankful.

I will work even harder for all of you who have been waiting for our comeback. Not only at music shows, but I will also meet you guys on variety shows as well as through V-app! Please look forward to it!

To be honest I am very nervous, and also a bit afraid. But because KISS Me are cheering on for me, I will not think about others and smile a lot. I can do that, right? Thank you. I love you! 

Oh! Recently, KISS Me’s nephew was born. We haven’t decided his Korean name yet but his English name is Michael. Please give him lots of love.

He is very secure because he has so many aunts around the world.

Even though I just had a baby, I will do my best to not let it affect the U-KISS members and our schedules, so please cheer me on until the end!

I am sincerely thankful towards you guys. My KISS ME sister, I love you! Forever!


Congratulations again to Eli on the birth of his new baby boy Michael, and if you haven’t watched U-KISS’s music video for their new single “Stalker,” check it out below!


Source: MyDaily

All visual and audio media courtesy of U-KISS
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