Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko to Release Solo Album in October

It has just been announced that Dynamic Duo member Gaeko will be releasing his first ever solo album in October.

Gaeko’s agency, Amoeba Culture, announced this morning that he would be releasing his first ever full album.

The album will be titled, “REDINGRAY,” whose titled is explained as capturing the gray look of the world with the red passion and desire of humans.

Furthermore, after the release of the album, there will be an collaborative “visualizaiton of music” exhibition that will show Gaeko and his music’s story through various media.

Amoeba Culture stated, “This solo album, will include not just Gaeko of Dynamic Duo but other individuals as well, and is full of thought, imagination, and passion.” The Amoeba representative continued, “It’s hard to gauge when exactly Gaeko began preparing this album, but this will be an album that will be very appealing to the public.”

“REDINGRAY” will be released in October, and following the release, Gaeko’s “REDINGRAY THE WAVE” exhibition will run from October 17th – 24th.


Source: Sports Donga

Image courtesy of Amoeba Culture
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