Dynamic Duo Cosplay as BIGBANG in New MV for ‘Jam’

Dynamic Duo just dropped their 8th studio album, “Grand Carnival” and simultaneously released a new music video for one of the songs off the album, “Jam“.

The video and the song contain an immense amount of wit (as expected from Dynamic Duo). The title itself is a play on the Korean word “꿀잼” which translates literally to “honey jam”, but is pronounced “cool jam”, a phrase that we all know in English refers to a bumpin’ song. Another standout point in the whole honey motif is the fact that Lee Honey plays the lead bee in the music video. The club that all of the bugs go to is also called “nbee”, which is a nod to the famous Hongdae hip-hop club, NB.

Perhaps one of the most notable parts of the music video though is when Dynamic Duo and Crush dress up as the members of BIGBANG, and then proceed to successfully use each of the members’ names in the lyrics.

Check out Dynamic Duo’s new music video for “Jam” below, and be sure to stick around moonROK for more updates on your favorite Korean artists and idols.


Source: Amoeba Culture

All visual and audio media courtesy of Amoeba Culture
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