Double S 301 Announces 2nd Mini Album Release Date

SS301 | moonROK
SS301 | moonROK

Visual media courtesy of CI Entertainment

Double S 301 will be returning in early December with their second mini album, which will come in two versions, Eternal 0 and Eternal 1.

Double S 301’s company, CI Entertainment, released two teaser photos on Twitter and announced that the comeback date would be midnight, December 9th. The two teaser photos show different images for the two albums, with Eternal 0‘s teaser showing the members in classy, velvet suits in black and white, and Eternal 1‘s teaser showing them in winter fashion in full color. The two titles are a continuation of the group’s last comeback, Eternal 5, combining to make the number 501, in reference to the group’s original name, SS501.

There will also be a showcase held on Thursday, December 8th at Ewha Women’s University in Seoul. It will be open to both fanclub members and the general public, and will give the attendees the opportunity to see the new songs performed before the official release. Tickets will become available November 24 on Interpark.

Check out the teaser images below and stay tuned to moonROK as winter comeback season gears up for all the latest Kpop news!


Images courtesy of CI Entertainment


Source: CI Entertainment

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