Dok2 Releases Special Birthday Album

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March 28th was a special day for Illionaire’s co-CEO Dok2 because not only was it his birthday, but the rapper also dropped his new album, Reborn.

The album has 10 songs plus a bonus track with tons of featuring artists, most notably The Quiett and Beenzino, Dok2’s Illionaire labelmates. Dok2 also highlights Kim Hyo Eun, Changmo, and Hash Swan, artists from his and The Quiett’s new label, Ambition Musik.

Other features on the album include Jay Park, Superbee, and the bonus track stars the Cohort’s B-Free, Bryan Chase, and Okasian.

Reborn has the crisp and enterprising lyrics and catchy beats that Dok2 typically delivers, but smooth tracks like “Rollercoaster” and “On & On” make sure to round out the album.

Check out the track list on iTunes and make sure to give the album a listen! To keep up with more news about your favorite Kpop artists, keep it here at moonROK.



Source: Illionaire Records

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