DIA Teases April 7 Comeback with Behind-the-Scenes Studio Session

DIA | moonROK

All visual and audio media courtesy of MBK Entertainment


Girl group DIA has released a unique teaser video for their just-announced April 7th comeback.

The video begins with a curious message:

“Everybody carelessly says Yor’re [sic] a ‘Ddanddara’ 
We all live under the same sky in the same presence
Enviously, we watch others living out different lives
Not with hate but envy”

The teaser then shows the girls of DIA working in the studio, playing instruments and collaborating on music, previewing about a minute and a half of vocals and rap.

In February, DIA’s agency MBK Entertainment had mentioned that the girls would be participating actively in the creation of this upcoming album, using their talents in playing instruments and also composing music.

DIA’s last musical release was their Spell mini-album in September of 2016, featuring the title track “Mr. Potter.”

More teasers are sure to be released in the coming days leading up to DIA’s April 7th comeback, so until then be sure to stick around moonROK for more updates on the group and all of your other favorite Kpop artists and idols.

Source: Xports News, MBK Entertainment

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