DIA and Hong Jin Young Release “You Are My Flower”

DIA | moonROK

Audio and visual media courtesy of MBK Entertainment


DIA have just released their pre-release collaboration track and music video for “You Are My Flower” featuring Hong Jin-young and Kim Yon-ja.

The members of DIA wrote the lyrics themselves, and the trot style single showcases the group’s ability to show different sides of themselves. Hong Jin-Young and Kim Yon-ja are featured on the song, both of who are a very well known trot artists.

The unique video features a woman who is drinking and crying while staring into the camera, adding to the somber atmosphere of the track. DIA is currently gearing up for a comeback this month with their second album “YOLO”. The group’s first reality show, “Yolo Trip,” is also set to air on April 9th through OnStyle.

Watch DIA’s new video below and stick around on moonROK for all the latest updates on your favorite Kpop idols and artists!



Source: 1theK

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