DIA to Head to Jeju Island to Go Camping with Fans

Image courtesy of MBK Entertainment

DIA just took fan service to the next level.

In September, the group announced that if their new album “Spell” sold 15,000 copies, they would be surprising 15 lucky fans with a 2 days 1 night camping trip, and now they’re making good on that promise.

The group announced to the media last month, “For DIA’s third album ‘Spell,’ for the first time we’re pre-ordering 15,000 albums. With this album pre-order, we’ll be hosting a ‘1 night 2 days’ camping event.”

The members of DIA then personally hand-wrote 15 letters which were randomly included in those 15,000 albums. The fans who received those letters are the lucky few who get to go to Jeju with the group.

According to MBK Entertainment, the group will be taking those 15 fans to Jeju Island on November 12 for the camping trip, where they’ll be playing games, eating BBQ, and more.


Source: Star News

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