Davichi in Talks To Sign with CJ E&M

It looks like female duo Lee Hyeri and Kang Minkyung of Davichi are moving to CJ E&M.

A representative had the following to say on the 26th: “Davichi had many meetings with various labels concerning this matter. Many of the labels they were in contact with expressed interest in signing, and after narrowing down the choices to the top two companies, the decision was made to go with CJ E&M; preparations have already begun to sign the two-year contract,” the representative revealed.

Along with that, a representative from the music department of CJ E&M said, “The contract hasn’t been finalized yet, but it is true that we’ve been in talks about it. Because nothing is concrete yet, it’s important to use discretion when discussing the contract. I can’t say anything beyond the fact that there has been some discussion.”

Davichi, who debuted in January 2008, has spent their seven-year long career under Core Contents Media. Their most recent album, “6.7”, will be their final album with Core Contents. During their career, such songs as “I Love You Even Though I Hate You,” “8282,” “Stop the Time,” “Don’t Say Goodbye,” “Turtle,” etc. have all received much love from the fans. Sometimes referred to as ‘You’ll believe it when you hear them: Davichi’, they are known to sweep the music charts with their ‘audio strength’.


Source: Ilgan Sports

Image courtesy of Core Contents Media
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