Cube Announces Pentagon Will Film Debut MV Next Week

For quite some time now, Cube Entertainment has been teasing the impending debut of a new boy group called Pentagon.

It looks like that debut date is finally approaching.

A representative from Cube made a statement to the Korean media today saying, “Pentagon is filming the music video for their single next week. Their debut is impending.”

The Cube rep also dropped a small hint about the group’s debut song, annoucning, “It will be a powerful and energetic dance track that will show off Pentagon’s charms.”

Nothing else has been reviewed about Pentagon’s debut song yet, but moonROK will have all the details as they are made availble so be sure to stick around for updates.



Source: Xports News

Image courtesy of Cube Entertainment
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  1. LavelyShai 5 years ago
    I’m so excited! We’ve waited months for this and it’s finally happening!!!

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