Crush Pre-Releases MV for “Summer Love”

Crush | moonROK

All visual and audio media courtesy of 1theK


Crush’s music video for his title track “Summer Love” has just been released.

The music video is a virtual summer escape featuring Crush’s smooth R&B vocals and panoramas of the blue sea of Jeju Island. “Summer Love” is one of the three tracks from his forthcoming album Outside.

Though Crush’s songs have been noted for their honest and impressive lyrics, they have earned him censorship from KBS, the most sensitive broadcaster in Korea when it comes to sensitive content. KBS restricts songs which use profanity, graphic lyrics, and cite brand names. Crush’s other two title tracks from this album “Outside” and “Don’t Be Shy” have both been disqualified from broadcast because on such grounds, making “Summer Love” the only one of the three songs to earn a pass to go on air.

You can take a look at the broadcast-appropriate and visually refreshing refreshing video from Crush below. Remember to stick with moonROK for all your Kpop updates!

Source: 1theK

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