Crayon Pop Gifts Lady Gaga with Her Own Crayon Pop Uniform

Crayon Pop, who recently performed their last tour date as the opening act for Lady Gaga, has just posted a commemorative picture to their official Twitter with the caption, “Gagayon Pop.”

In the photo, the ladies of Crayon Pop pose with Lady Gaga standing amidst them holding her very own Crayon Pop uniform embroidered with the words “Lady Gaga” on the back, while also wearing the signature helmet of the group.

It seems that Crayon Pop gifted Lady Gaga with her very own uniform as a momento of their time together on the road for Lady Gaga’s “Art Rave” tour.

Check out the photos of Gaga and the girls of Crayon Pop here, and stay tuned to moonROK for more udpates on your favorite idols and artists!


Source: Crayon Pop Official Twitter

Image courtesy of Crayon Pop
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1 Comment
  1. ot94ever 7 years ago
    But Crayon Pop is soooo much better…
    That’s nice of them to help newbies like Lady Gaga get recognition, too.

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