Cosmic Girls Reveal Three More Members: Xuan Yi, Eunseo, and Yeoreum

Starship Entertainment and Chinese company Yuehwa Entertainment have come together to create a super girl group, which they’re calling Cosmic Girls (or WJSD as an abbreviation for their Korean name).

The group will be composed of both Korean and Chinese members, and after revealing three of the members last week, Starship has just revealed three more.

Xuan Yi, Eunseo, and Yeoreum make up the “Joy Unit” within the group.

Xuan Yi is Chinese and is known for her infectious eye smile, Eunseo is the atmosphere maker of the group, and Yeoreum has a shy personality that completely changes once she takes the stage.

Check out the profiles of the three new members of Cosmic Girls below, and be sure to stick around moonROK for more details on their upcoming debut.


Source: Starship Entertainment

Images courtesy of Starship Entertainment
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