Comedian Ji Sukjin Makes His Music Comeback After 22 Years

Many people recognize Ji Sukjin for his comedic antics on Running Man, but fans may also know that he loves to sing random tunes on the show, often making up his own. Aside from being a comedian, Ji Sukjin also released music way back when. Now 22 years later, he makes his comeback onto the music scene. Ji Sukjin will be singing an OST track “Saying I Love You” for the daily drama “My Dear Cat.” The song has now been released online.

Before becoming a comedian, Ji Sukjin actually made his musical debut in 1992 with the song “I Know.” However, popular group Seo Taiji and the Boys released a pop song by the same title in that year which overshadowed Ji Sukjin’s ballad. Soon after, he was recruited by SBS in 1993 and by KBS in 1994 as an MC. From then on, Ji Sukjin became known as a comedian.

Ji Sukjin currently is a cast member of Running Man and has been traveling with the cast for overseas fanmeetings. During those meetings, he has stood on stage and sang to the audience, to which the fans responded with loud cheering.

Ji Sukjin hasn’t forgotten his dream of becoming a singer and hopes to be recognized as one with this new song and his upcoming album. Check out his debut song below!


Source: Star News

Courtesy of Star News
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