CNBLUE Member Jonghyun to Possibly Join ‘We Got Married’

It has just been announced that CNBLUE guitarist Lee Jonghyun might be the next groom on marriage reality show, “We Got Married.”

According to a broadcast representative, “Lee Jonghyun is the blue chip of variety. It’s been 5 years since his debut, but he hasn’t done many variety programs. He still has a fresh feeling about him; a charm of innocence.”

According to the various reports surfacing around him joining the program, Lee Jonghyun would begin filming in the first week of March.

Though his “wie” hasn’t yet been chosen, Jewelry member Yewon was recently confirmed for the program as well.

FNC Entertainment has yet to make a statement as to whether or not the CNBLUE member has been confirmed for the program, but moonROK will be sure to update you when they do.


Source: Ilgan Sports

Image courtesy of Ilgan Sports
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