CLC Enters Oricon Chart’s Top 10 Just 3 Months Into Japanese Debut

Cube Entertainment’s most recently debuted group CLC is enjoying unexpected success with their Japanese advance.

The group’s third Japanese mini album “Chamisma” has just landed at 9th place on Japan’s renowned Oricon Daily Chart.

CLC’s album also topped Tower Records Daily Shinbuya on the same day, ranking 4th in pre-sale orders.  The group’s single “Chamisma” is a dance song full of energy, its title being a combination of the words “Charming” and “Smile”. CLC just made their Japanese debut 3 months ago with their first mini album “High Heel”, making the sudden success of their new single a pleasant surprise.

Upon hearing the news of CLC’s Japanese success, Cube Entertainment representative Lee Jeongsuk commented “Recently, it has become hard for K-pop girl groups to fly high in the Japanese music market. In this situation, CLC seems to have earned initial victory with a Japanese original song showing their bright and cheerful image. The girls’ cute charms are drawing attention from not only Japanese male fans but also female middle and high schoolers.”

The representaitve also expressed his hope for a revival and continuation of the Kpop wave in Japan, which seems to have been died down a bit after the success of KARA and Girls’ Generation, saying, “It seems like CLC is bringing back the Kpop girl group boom in Japan that was started by KARA and Girls Generation.”

Following a “multinational group” format with member Sorn from Thailand and Elkie from Hongkong, CLC’s activities in Japan are getting warm responses from fans and music critics alike. The group is currently busy with their schedules in Japan, namely fansigns with mini-live performances and fan talks. 


Source: StarNews, Herald Pop

Image courtesy of Cube Entertainment
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