Clazziquai Project Releases Comeback Teaser

Clazziquai Project have released a teaser for their upcoming 7th album comeback title track, called “#curious.”

The three member group is back with their distincitve sweet melodies and funky electro lounge sound for their first comeback in two years. The full album will be released on September 20th, ahead of the September 24th “2016 Clazziquai Concert” in Hannamdong, Korea. They will also be participating in an outdoor music festival after their showcase concert.

Their represesntation, Fluxus Music, stated, “We are happy to give an early preview to Clazziquai’s “#curious” track for all the fans who have been waiting for the next full album. We hope hearing this will make you excited for the release of the full track.”

“#curious” is a song about a story of two people falling in love and all the nervous, romantic, and fuzzy feelings that come with starting a relationship. The acoustic clarity of the instruments in the track lend to the emotions of this song, which matches well with the beginnings of the windy fall season.

Clazziquai Project debuted 12 years ago in 2004, and have been known to create music in various styles, such as acid jazz, electronic, funky house, and more. They are popular among the electronic music crowd not only in Korea, but also well loved in places like Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries across Asia.

Over the last two years, the members have been focusing on solo activities. Member Horan will soon be releasing a mini-album of her own, entitled Wonderland. Alex is a frequent MC and drama actor, and DJ Clazzi showed his musical talents by collaborating with Lee Seungyeol’s project team “Yolhoon.”

Check out the teaser video below and stay tuned for more Clazziquai updates on moonROK!



Source: Fluxus Music, Herald Business,

Audio and visual media courtesy of Fluxus Music
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