CL Issues Apology for Using “MTBD” Version with Quran Verse on Tour

Image courtesy of CL’s Instagram

Today 2NE1 member CL owned up to a performance oversight.

The baddest female in Kpop is currently on tour in the United States, and yesterday came under fire when fans realized that she was performing the version of “MTBD” that includes recordings of Quran verses on the background track.

CL uploaded a message on Twitter stating, “To anyone I have offended I sincerely apologize for my mistake. What happened was my engineer sent the old version of MTBD for this tour. I take responsibility for not realizing this sooner. My intention was never to use this version. I have changed it back to the new version last night and told him to delete the old version completely and forever. Thank you always and big love to all the fans.”

The inclusion of Quran verses in “MTBD” became a huge issue back when the song was originally released, with reactions ranging from outrage to indifference. While many fans were offended by the inclusion of Islam’s central text in the song, many seem to view today’s apology as unnecessary, claiming that artists are inspired by and include religion in their songs all the time.

Where do you stand on the issue?


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