CL and Dara Write Thank You Notes to Blackjacks

2NE1 | moonROK
2NE1 | moonROK

Visual media courtesy of YG Entertainment

Following the announcement that 2NE1 has officially disbanded, CL and Dara have uploaded thank you notes to their fans, Blackjacks. The original images can be found at the bottom of the article, and a transription and translation can be found below.

CL’s note read,

Dear Blackjacks,
I don’t even know where to start but I just wanted to let you guys know that we are all still here and we will always be one team, one family.
Minzy, Bom, Dara will all be doing great things on their own and I will always love and support them. And I hope you all know, YG, the members and I, we all really tried to make things work. I left everything behind and was in Korea all summer working on our album, but it fell apart… tough times…
What we have to remember is that we made amazing memories for the last 7 years together and I wouldn’t have had it any other way, with any other group of people. From 2ne1 TV, all the awards, all the shows… you guys made it possible. You guys always had our back. You are all the most creative, loyal, classy, strong, fun, funny and the baddest fans anyone could ask for! I feel very blessed to have you guys in my life, on this journey, growing together and I am thankful every single day to have amazing fans like you support us doing what we love.
I love you I love you I love you
Miss you guys more than ever..

Dara’s note read,

I never know I’d have to write a letter like this. First, to our fans… You must be upset, so I’m sorry, and I’m sorry that we couldn’t protect you from this, and I’m very sorry that we hurt you.
Thanks to everyone, the last 7 years have been like a dream. I only have good and happy memories left, and Chaerin, Bom, Minji and I… We are always grateful and we will always treasure the memories the four of us have together.
Blackjacks… You were always a reliable presence giving us love and support. We had wanted to show you more good music at the very end, but we were unable to, and it’s too bad and I’m really sorry…
Even though it hurts right now… I hope everyone continues and eats well and works hard at their own work and lives energetically.
My feelings for you will never change. I will work hard to always show you a good image of myself. There’s nothing else I can say but thank you… Thank you for all the undeserved love.
November 2016, which will be remembered as the loneliest winter…
2NE1’s fresh vocalist, Dara

Although Bom and Minzy have not made any statements, all four members are busy with their own solo preparations, so more news is sure to come out soon. When it does, come right back here to moonROK to check it out!



CL | moonROK

Image courtesy of CL


Dara | moonROK

Image courtesy of Sandara Park


Source: CL’s Twitter, Dara’s Twitter

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